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The SQL injection Presentation.

Hi, so we have this subject called DBMS (database management system) which is taken up by Miss. Nishtha Jatana. Nishtha maam follows a different routine for her classes…a rather constructive one. She converts her initial 2 – 3 tutorial classes into presentations that are delivered by the students. If you don’t know what a tutorial class is.. it is basically a kind of an extra class where students can ask doubts or there can be revision of topics or some numerical problems related to the topics can be done. Now the presentations are conducted on a voluntary basis. There is no compulsion, so i decided Continue Reading

The Asterisk Project.

Hi reader,

I am not sure if you stumbled upon this post from the archive or reached here by a search. But I am going to be verbose anyways :D

Asterisk is an open source PBX. Well i would say its too less to call it as just a PBX. It has immense potential it can do things so easily and so correctly that it is actually an unparalleled solution for PBXs. Ohkay if you are wondering what a PBX is it is those system you see in offices, where the receptionist dials one and the call is transferred to another guy. So why am I playing around with this thing… ? Well there is this one very annoying thing, rather a concept called as the “5th semeseter Project”. Exactly thats why.! : Continue Reading

Arrey Mujhe Kya bechega Rupaiya – Satyamev Jayate

The song is from the TV program “Satyamev Jayate”, hosted by Mr.Amir Khan. The song is about the women becoming independent in herself and proclaiming her value to the world. She is now confident and self reliant. Check out the lyrics. I was inspired to search for songs by satyamev jayate.
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O ri Chirayia – Satyamev Jayate

We all know the condition of women in India. If you do not know it…in short its bad. I am talking about the women that are a part of the lower society. There is a lot of illegal, inappropriate and violent stuff that is being done and the worse thing is we cannot do anything about it.. on a personal level. Just a few days back our housemaid told us that she was beaten by her husband because she lied that she was at our house while she was actually at their neighbor’s place. Well she had to lie because she works in so many houses and reaches home late.. but that day she got a little extra late and was scared that her husband would scold her. So she lied that there was a marriage at our house and she stayed with us.. and instead of going home;  slept at their neighbor’s place. Continue Reading

That’s what i learned

Ohkay so there is this software called the metasploit, for hackers its what a wand is for a wizard. The metasploit is a framework, a library of all the exploits and payloads. What happens is basically, that an application may be vulnerable to a certain code..that is for a particular input the application might crash, if that input is converted into a file such that it can attack the application then it is called an exploit. Also there is something that is called as the “PAYLOAD” it is generally the malicious code that is added to the exploit code so that after the exploit has executed the control passes to the payload and a malicious code gets executed, it can act like a trojan and fully compromise your pc or can execute arbitrary shell commands, perhaps it can do pretty much anything you can think of….

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Google Bot visits my forum :D

Ohkay, so I am not assuming that people know what a bot is. A bot is basic a program that crawls your website, that is, it tries to visit every possible page and every single link on the website. Then it stores images of those pages on its server. So basically when you type in a keyword on google.com, what comes up as results are the pages the google bot crawled and if you wish to see the pages in the format google saved them, then you gotta click on the cache option that appears when you hover over the links.

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The workshop at Gurgaon Engineering College.

I work as a workshop trainer for the esteemed EC-COUNCIL’s accredited training center, techbharat. The last workshop I gave was in the Gurgaon Engineering College on 1st and 2nd of May, 2012. I and my professed co-trainer Mr. Bhanu Pratap Singh conduct the workshop together. Bhanu, to be very frank, is one of a kind, a person who keeps the crowd alive keeps them interested and delivers his part of the lecture smoothly. Okay coming back to me. I somehow think… Continue Reading

The www.adwiteeya.com/board

I have tried to build up a forum quite a few times now. But every time i have successfully messed it up and closed the project before even giving it a good shot. Firstly when you install the phpBB, it is says the admin url is example.com/adm however that never worked for me. I have to sign in normally and then go all the way to the bottom of the page and click administration control panel.
Then the second problem was I had no freakin idea about how did the cms work. I just had two forums in my mind. hackforums.net and governmentsecurity.org/forum. I wanted something that would work the similar way.

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