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Farewell @ MSIT 2nd Shift

About this post
I thought about writing a complete post on how everything(organizing the farewell) started and how did we complete everything in 3 days but I realized that that would be one really really long post! As there was a LOT that happened! plus I would’nt be able to finish it in one night!  Exams are from this week. Hence this post is only about the most important part…  Continue Reading

First “Humla” at Null Delhi Chapter

The very first Humla session at Null Delhi Chapter meet. Awkay, I am going to try and make this not sound like Chinese to people who have, no idea  about what this is.
So “null” is an open community. Created and run by Aseem Jahakar sir, nation wide(india). This community is for hackers, for anybody and everybody who relates or wishes to relate him/herself with security. Atleast that’s what I have experienced till now! :) Continue Reading

Intersection of interests.

I have had a severe sprain in my neck for around 3 days now and was looking for “something different” to do after i get well. Also I had been writing an article on the cross-site scripting framework for the college’s annual magazine. (you will know where am I going with this soon). So as I was thinking it came to me that ” watching theatre” could be the “something different”. Continue Reading

A little disappointment after the 5th semester project viva

I had been playing around too much with the VoIP PBX(asterisk) that I had setup and hence I decided it to be the 3rd year project. I had really worked hard for this one. Firstly it was a totally different technology all together, plus whatever work you do is more of kinda research rather than knowing before hand weather it was going to work or not. Continue Reading

The First Delhi Null Meet I attended and presented.

Hi there,
So today ie 18th august 2012. I attended my first null meet. I actually liked the concept there..wait let me start from the beginning. So i received the email regarding the Delhi meet… and after a little hesitation asked Mr. Aseem Jahakar if the meet would allow some on the spot presentations. He said that its planned before hand so, I need to tell him in advance if I wish to make a presentation. So, I told him that I am working on the project …the PBX vulnerabilities …but haven’t completed it yet. Continue Reading