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The SQL injection Presentation.

Hi, so we have this subject called DBMS (database management system) which is taken up by Miss. Nishtha Jatana. Nishtha maam follows a different routine for her classes…a rather constructive one. She converts her initial 2 – 3 tutorial classes into presentations that are delivered by the students. If you don’t know what a tutorial class is.. it is basically a kind of an extra class where students can ask doubts or there can be revision of topics or some numerical problems related to the topics can be done. Now the presentations are conducted on a voluntary basis. There is no compulsion, so i decidedto give a presentation on SQL injection. Off course, this was the topic that was closely related to both DBMS and security. So I had the presentation scheduled for 13th august at 4:30pm. BUT I reached the room 10 minutes late! and then my laptop for some reason(winsock reset) did not connect to tata photon that wasted another 20 minutes so i was practically left with 20 minutes only… we (initially i and my friend were giving the presentation together) started the presentation but offcourse it did not end and also there were only 6 students in the class :D . So maam postponed it to 17th august at 2:20pm and the awesome part was she booked the seminar hall !!! and also I had two periods for the presentation!!! and one of the periods was a lecture!! not a tute!! I really thank her for making me do this… because I too learned a lot while researching on SQLi.

Though I had in my mind that 2 periods! thats long …am I really gonna be able to make it till then..! Allright so this time the presentation in the seminar hall and all my classmates present there! :) The best part is that I knew they were bored like hell… obviously its not of there interest … but they supported me… they were quite and occasionally tried listening as well.. :) Thanks to them for being awesome. :) Now I started with the presentation (this time only I was doing it) and noticed that even my proctor Saba maam was present there… Then it went on ….things worked fine.. one of examples took time hence was not completed on the spot… like you know when your software does not recognize the version of the DBMS on the server… But apart from that it was nice… it went how i had planned… and also i loved the complements … in fact I got the best compliment from my proctor. She said that it was really practical… and generally seminars are not so practical!!! And that pretty much is the motto of my life… to keep things practical. :) Then my classmates’ comments… which actually gave me the right feedback and scope for improvement… Things like i need to take breaks in between, i have to interact more with the audience, include less of backtrack and I could use the zoom tool’s bar feature rather than zooming the entire screen. I would keep that in mind next time :) … and lastly the shocking part was i fucking took the entire too periods!! sorry classmates. :D
Also my offer of sharing the resources for a total of more than 12 types of sql injections is still open if you buy me a coke. :D

by Adwiteeya Agrawal


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