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The workshop at Gurgaon Engineering College.

I work as a workshop trainer for the esteemed EC-COUNCIL’s accredited training center, techbharat. The last workshop I gave was in the Gurgaon Engineering College on 1st and 2nd of May, 2012. I and my professed co-trainer Mr. Bhanu Pratap Singh conduct the workshop together. Bhanu, to be very frank, is one of a kind, a person who keeps the crowd alive keeps them interested and delivers his part of the lecture smoothly. Okay coming back to me. I somehow think….I have the kind of the image on the students…that I am a very serious trainer… Usually, the topics that i need to cover in the workshop require some pre-requisite knowledge, for example when explaining and carrying out a DOS attack, I expect students to know that what is a server and what is a website. Similarly when teaching metasploit, I know things are going to be new for them… and hence i prefer to keep this the serious way… Plus there is this one more thing…. I dont know how right I am…but.I know that the students are going to retain only 60-70 percent of what i demonstrate, what i can do is…i lower down the level of the content so that they retain a full 100% and are happy mimicking what I demonstrate…but that is not what i want… i want them to do what hackers do…i want them to research…work their ass off to get to learn a concept and exploit it to their advantage. To not stop searching until and unless they accomplish what they started. However, I also realized its too much pressure on the students who were taking there initial steps in hacking…hence i provide them the community support.

And as Bhanu Pratap Singh, sir, says “Fair Enough”.
I hope this workshop leaves me more experienced…for taking workshops. And one more thing about the workshops… I have this habit of observing the kind of students. Firstly there are the “mango people”, the people who have come there to get a certificate and to show off their certificate to their friends. Secondly there is this one guy who is really smart, knows a lot and is actually gaining a lot from the workshop and is going to work on that. Thirdly there are students with partly correct knowledge…and are trying to learn as well. Fourth is the category of the students who have clear concepts, though limited, but clear concepts…and have somehow tried a few things in hacking and are looking for more… they are also the ones who are gonna work on things and try new stuff…but not into the details the person in the second category is going to…and lastly there is this one over-smart guy… His mind is limited to the knowledge he has…and is reluctant to learn….a true wanna be.
Now in every workshop my favourite is the second category… i personally go and tell the person the same as well… and i expect a lot from the fourth category… They are people who just need the right direction.
Some how i found all these categories at GEC as well..
On the whole was a nice experience, I am hoping the same it was for the students.

by Adwiteeya Agrawal


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