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That’s what i learned

Ohkay so there is this software called the metasploit, for hackers its what a wand is for a wizard. The metasploit is a framework, a library of all the exploits and payloads. What happens is basically, that an application may be vulnerable to a certain code..that is for a particular input the application might crash, if that input is converted into a file such that it can attack the application then it is called an exploit. Also there is something that is called as the “PAYLOAD” it is generally the malicious code that is added to the exploit code so that after the exploit has executed the control passes to the payload and a malicious code gets executed, it can act like a trojan and fully compromise your pc or can execute arbitrary shell commands, perhaps it can do pretty much anything you can think of….

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Google Bot visits my forum :D

Ohkay, so I am not assuming that people know what a bot is. A bot is basic a program that crawls your website, that is, it tries to visit every possible page and every single link on the website. Then it stores images of those pages on its server. So basically when you type in a keyword on google.com, what comes up as results are the pages the google bot crawled and if you wish to see the pages in the format google saved them, then you gotta click on the cache option that appears when you hover over the links.

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Too many sites – Problem Solved

Ohkay, so this is the first post on my blog.
I wish to first discuss what do i post and where do i post it.
Firstly i started a free 100mb website with the sites.google, it even turns up as the first result on google for keyword adwiteeya as on 29-04-2012. However, i am pretty sure that is going to change. I started this website so that i could post articles…wait no..only tutorials related to hacking. However sites.google.com/site/adwiteeyaagrawal had many problems, it was limited in many ways. So i definitely had to move ahead of the free 100mb.

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