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 Yes i hate my college, you take away my friends from the college.. and there is nothing left …. I hate it and i have  reasons to hate it…and they are not studies

Lemme List Out a few.

1. They take stupid judgements and boss around for the fact they can suspend students without a reason. I was suspended for a week for holding a ball in the corridor. Not just that, have a look at the suspension letter… It gives some interesting facts.

Shoutling Loudly, at 2:00 pm, problem to other faculty members. SERIOUSLY! THERE WAS NO OTHER CLASS GOING ON. AND ITS WAS 5:00 pm and shouting loudly… yeah sure!. When the same was pointed out to the discipline committee they said “arrey aap koi case thodi lad rahe ho”

2. They do not care about your future. My friend had to do an internship under a professor of IIT who were to come to msit for 3 weeks, my college asked the students to pay for his residence in the college and for his travel. The professor strictly said no to this as off course he too had not experienced this anywhere else. Plus when being requested, the management said “Arrey tumhe or kahi nahi mil rahi kya internship.”
They dont posses any sort of manners etc. I fail to understand what do they expect from us after this.

3. every year more than two hundred lakh rupees goes into other expenses. Check out the following data.


Rs. In Lakh


Rs in Lakh

Grants in Aid Salaries and Allowances:
State Government Teaching Staff
UGC Other Staff
Other Agencies                                      Total 242 Lakh
                                            Total Scholarships
Donation and Contribution Books & Journals 8 Lakh
Fees from students 565  Lakh Equipment and Labs 43 Lakh
Other Sources Maintenance & utilities 5 Lakh
Other Expenses 267 Lakh
                          Total Income 565 Lakh                           Total Expenses 565 Lakh

And these are the statistics for 2008 the fees has increased quite a bit after that.

Download link for detailed file: File (browse to the bottom)

4. They told the organizing team of avensis that only a particular amount of the sponsorship will be given to them …that is even if you get 50 lakh rupees you would be given only 3 lakh. Yeah this is why we cannot get the “crowd” to our college. Also had to get everything in kind.

5. They humiliate parents. My friends were suspended because they opened their lunch boxes during the short time when a period changes and there is no teacher in the class. Their parents were called and made to wait for hours before they could meet the committee … also the students went up and down the entire week requesting authorities to take back the suspension. Even if they had broken a glass window i could have accepted this, but here the reason they stated was just unacceptable.

6. For attendance issues they devised their own intuitive methods on who to suspend and who not to. When a case was filled by one of the students who was suspended, it hurt their ego rather than their minds. And everybody was suspended again. Well till now what i have come to know is that they really do not want to punish you rather mentally torture you to your limits. And yes this was done in the first week of the semester exams.

7. They have discriminated the entire second shift as a diffrent college and I am quoting the words of a member of many departments of the college. “Aap ye man k chalo aap is college ka hissa nahi ho”.

I still remember when last semester their were a large number of students being suspended.. for second shift students below 65% were suspended however in morning shift. less than 40% attendance. FTW!!

8. They do not give importance to extra curricular and students go on begging for attendance for events that are organised within the colleges. I know this happens in every college that extra curricular becomes a responsibility of the students, however here i talk about the official events… Also when once i tried to get attendance for an official event… (Certificate distribution) I was asked for a written permission from the director. Well yeah.. here’s the permissions… F U!

9. I remember i had read that taking a photo graph or movie of a person without permission was illegal.

10. They talk about discipline as of great concern… Lets talk about the 5 honeycombs…homing 1000 bees each on the front wall of the college. Well now 3 of them were cleared. I was shocked at this progress, i am sure one of the management members was bitten after which such a step was taken.

11.I won the best technical event award in the college but neither do i have a proof nor acknowledgement of the same… I hope the cost they saved in printing a certificate helped in their “all round development”.

Sometimes I feel like taking a revenge from the college but the unordered distribution of staff… in terms of “how good/bad” they are…makes me not do it… and what i would do is… simple ask for two documents under my right to information from the college.

1. List of all the students that have been suspended ever by the college and reason.
2. Accounts for each penny spent.

After all this that I said I am not sure if someone from the management reads this will I be in the college or not. Its my right to express my views. Its my website. Its more secure than msit.in.

by Adwiteeya Agrawal


  • Reply kritika |

    uhmmm uhmmmmm……….there are so many faukts existing therein n sometimes it does feel like you are there working for them, and in return you are blamed for the same.n the attendance n discipline matter……………that becomes worse than visiting the government offices….and at the danger of being tagged diplomatic i am going to mention the only Good even though it was ASTONISHING and UNEXPECTED….the only WORTHY thing they do is recognise your academic proficiency…..nothing else but that ATLEAST!

  • Reply Sumeet |

    I am thinking to start msitsucks.com :P
    And therein they would have no right over my freedom of speech or expression

    Post in your horror stories and lets build it well so that whoever searches for msit lands on to msitsucks lol :D

  • Reply jagrit minocha |

    once, in the first semester, a was playing badminton after the clg got over at 6:30, a teacher came n he said “what the hell r u doing here after clg”, i was waiting for my frnd’s class to get over as we car pool, he threatened to suspend me, i was absolutely shocked, he said that 2 shift students are not allowed to use the clg ground after their classes get over, i mean FTW !!, i would not name the teache butr he is a HOD, lol, such HOD teach in our clg,

  • Reply Prateek Kathal |

    Haha! Good story…. A lot of shit has happened with me as well and I hate my college as well. Particularly I have a made a page on facebook with the name MRCE Sucks as well. You should join it. Bacho ki jitni maar sakte hai, utni maarta hai hamara college, bas 1.5 years aur nikaal lu… Fir apni college ki website hack karke, uss par likh dunga MRCE Sucks, never join this college.

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