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College Assignments – Jugaad

Hello reader!
All right a quick introduction about this blog post. Just as any/every engineering students the word “assignments” terrifies me. I mean everybody knows we copy! But then, our profs are smart! They(specific profs) now ask us to write the entire thing(the assignment) rather than taking a print out! :( And for instance we had a subject like compiler, where we had to copy codes as long as 200+ lines in our handwriting. I don’t get the point, seriously!! So, I decided to have a little fun. 3:D (*EVIL SMILEY*).

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Farewell @ MSIT 2nd Shift

About this post
I thought about writing a complete post on how everything(organizing the farewell) started and how did we complete everything in 3 days but I realized that that would be one really really long post! As there was a LOT that happened! plus I would’nt be able to finish it in one night!  Exams are from this week. Hence this post is only about the most important part…  Continue Reading

First “Humla” at Null Delhi Chapter

The very first Humla session at Null Delhi Chapter meet. Awkay, I am going to try and make this not sound like Chinese to people who have, no idea  about what this is.
So “null” is an open community. Created and run by Aseem Jahakar sir, nation wide(india). This community is for hackers, for anybody and everybody who relates or wishes to relate him/herself with security. Atleast that’s what I have experienced till now! :) Continue Reading

Arrey Mujhe Kya bechega Rupaiya – Satyamev Jayate

The song is from the TV program “Satyamev Jayate”, hosted by Mr.Amir Khan. The song is about the women becoming independent in herself and proclaiming her value to the world. She is now confident and self reliant. Check out the lyrics. I was inspired to search for songs by satyamev jayate.
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