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I have tried to build up a forum quite a few times now. But every time i have successfully messed it up and closed the project before even giving it a good shot. Firstly when you install the phpBB, it is says the admin url is example.com/adm however that never worked for me. I have to sign in normally and then go all the way to the bottom of the page and click administration control panel.
Then the second problem was I had no freakin idea about how did the cms work. I just had two forums in my mind. hackforums.net and governmentsecurity.org/forum. I wanted something that would work the similar way.

Ohkay so i somehow managed to log into the phpBB  admin control panel and learn that there are categories at the top level which will have forums and then further sub forums which can further have topics.
so by the time I understood this I had the following hierarchy ready.
Information Security
1.Information Gathering
2.Wireless Hacking
3. System Hacking
4. Metasploit

1.Details and Plans

Linux -No Sub-forum
Ohkay after this I was filled with joy for, i had learned a great deal or atleast i thought so.
Then I logged in as a user and tried to post a new topic in the category wireless hacking. Their was just this one little problem. There was no freaking button to do that.
So here came the big problem… [box type=”shadow”] THE FORUM PERMISSIONS[/box]

If you get to know how to do this you are almost going to be as comfortable with phpBB as wordpress
Ohkay so spent a full day to get this working and finally was able to display the new topic on the user’s screen. Now i knew about the permissions in and out. I could let anyone do anything or nothing. Then came another problem… a very good friend of my pujit juneja is awesome at android and i wanted him to contribute something to the forum. I asked him weather he would do it or not…and he readily accepted to do it. But then I did not know how to upgrade a user to a moderator… well that took another hour to figure out.
Ohkay all set i was finally ready to make my first post.
And then i noticed my post could not have a code… i mean an html code… hence i could not post the youtube videos that i make… and the last problem was this adding the BBcode to do it…

If you want to add an html code you cannot add it directly…
for example the code for an embedd of the youtube video… how ever you can create a bbcode such that you provide only the video id and the code gets embedded itself..
Once i was able to do now I was happy… Finally i am expecting a lot from this forum hope I develop a healthy like minded community very soon.



by Adwiteeya Agrawal

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