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The .onion Websites – Tutorial

What is a .onion website?
The .onion website would be an http service hosted on your localhost and accessed by the TOR browser only.

What is the TOR browser?
It is a browser that looks like mozilla firefox and can give you a completely anonymous browsing.

What is anonymous browsing?
When you access the websites they can have scripts running to capture you IP address or your location. To be able to hide that is called as anonymous browsing in the simplest form.

Can you host other Services Using the same process?
Yes just run the service on the correct virtual port and then use the appropriate client to access the service.

Do you need to forward the particular port on the gateway?
Yes, you need to forward the particular port in order to be able to host the service.

Can this site be accessed outside TOR?
No, this site can only and only be accessed by the TOR browser.

by Adwiteeya Agrawal

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