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The First Delhi Null Meet I attended and presented.

Hi there,
So today ie 18th august 2012. I attended my first null meet. I actually liked the concept there..wait let me start from the beginning. So i received the email regarding the Delhi meet… and after a little hesitation asked Mr. Aseem Jahakar if the meet would allow some on the spot presentations. He said that its planned before hand so, I need to tell him in advance if I wish to make a presentation. So, I told him that I am working on the project …the PBX vulnerabilities …but haven’t completed it yet. He then encouraged me to present what ever I had prepared and try completing it before the meet. But then I obviously could not add anything because I had this seminar on 17th on sqli and had to prepare for that. So i decided that I would just present what all I have prepared till now. :)
So the entire week I was really worried about this presentation because I had not even prepared a powerpoint presentation, I did not know the what kind of audience am i gonna get and also I did not know weather things would work there.(some attacks worked seldom)
All right no problemo! Challenge accepted! (Meanwhile Mr. Jahakar had already to put up my presentation on the list. )
So here comes the day, 18th august I was all set to give this a shot …. Now the venue for the meet as per the email was
“Times Internet Limited,
Tlabs, First floor, FC-6,
Sector 16A, Film City, Noida
(Next to huge Shiv murti)
Very close to Noida Sector 18 Metro Station”

so I reached sector 16A by 4:00pm and was looking was the “Times Internet Limited” however there was no such building… I realised that after having walked for 3 kms around the same building… so I showed the exact address to one of gaurds (you will see a lot of them if you are in this area). He could locate where the plot FC-6 is.. so i had to walk back the entire boundary wall to reach the enterance gate of Times India Limited. (not times internet limited). So finally i confirmed with the gaurds of the building weather tlabs was in the same building or not they said it was and I was finally relaxed! I reached the place, it was huge…looked almost like a 5 star hotel’s reception. So when i entered the first floor they gave me a slip which was required for exit. :O So when I reached the lab the Tlabs the entire room was larger than the auditorium we have at MSIT. I was a bit nervous then getting to question myself …weather my presentation would be good enough.. are they gonna like it… But man awesome building. :D So now I had talk with my friend who motivated me to go there and just do it… so I just went there… and actually there were two events going on simultaneously some hacking event and our meet… that mean have of the crowd was actually going to be my audience…

aah there i saw mr. Aseem…. pulled up a chair.. and sat near the “group”. Now in the large room… there were only around 15 people who had come for the meet…so it more of a drawing room chit chat kind of a thing.. we had been bags sofas and chairs… in the shape of a U facing this LED tv where we were supposed to connect the laptop to give the presentation.. The first part of the presentation was Newsbyte … it was basically the “new stuff” and “update” section. I liked the part… the guy delivered his part nicely. :) Then there was a problem that we did not have much time for two presentations …hence only one of the two speakers me or shubham bhaiya could speak… So mr. aseem asked the duration of our presentations and my presentation was a shorter one so I was told to give it :) So i just got up and connected my laptop and started with my thing… now this presentation was different from any presentation i have ever given… i could see people understanding what i am saying :D that was nice…. plus yes.. i perhaps was the only one who was from college here… other people who came here were already working at different places… But offcourse my presentation was different… off beat… hence deserved the small round of applause :) So i did what i was here to do… then came back to my seat… and we started discussing about “things” and “stuff” :D Was a nice experience all together… Just that the duration was really less… we were actually almost kicked out of the building :D But i liked the whole concept of hackers meeting like this and presenting stuff …talking about security.. developments in the industry and the problems they are facing .. :) was cool really cool. Apart from that I also made good friends… the nice nature hackers.

by Adwiteeya Agrawal


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