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Premium Joomla Templates ?

Allright, lately I have been making a lot (LOT) of sites based on joomla… infact the college site too.. :D  but there is one problem every new administrator using joomla would have… and that is getting a fine clean template…
here are a few tips and tricks that worked for me (or not) :joomlaFirstly, the college site… yes I obviously could not use a paid template over there because there can be licensing issues and then everything would come on the college, obviously i wasnt going to buy one :O :D so i used a free GNU GPLv2 template :D
Ohkay talking about how to get the various premium templates :

1. VAREZ sites.

There are always 100’s of sites that host varez content and by asking in a few forums you would quickly get a link (in previous threads as well) and then you can download them. I used to depend heavily on crshare.com (later wordpressplus.org) this site had the most awesome content… scripts..PSDs…templates you name it and they had it… but sadly now there site’s content has vanished! however the site is still up!

2. Googling

Now this is the part that came handy not just for paid templates but even paid extensions… so how do you get the extensions and templates.. say you need “abc PRO”. just google
abc pro -site:providersite.com -site:joomla.org
and this would immediately give you links of latest sites that are hosting the content and would hide the genuine links of the provider and joomla.org (in case of extensions for example you would otherwise see links from extensions.joomla.org)

3. Torrents

This is the easy way however not always successful, see torrents are generally preferred for data that is huge to be hosted otherwise… but in case of joomla… themes and extensions are not really that heavy…  so if you find a torrent..a good one… that would generally be one providing each and every theme of a single provider or a bundle of extensions..

Uptil now googling is what has helped… its so simple and works 80% of the time!

However be careful of what you download and make sure where do you use it. :)

by Adwiteeya Agrawal

So, what do you think ?