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Bewakoof.com – Information Disclosure

Bewakoof.com is an online portal for purchasing T shirts and I would not lie they have a really cool collection. I really liked there design called ” Ideas are Bulletproof ” and wanted to order the T shirt. After a long wait bewakoof.com started their cash on delivery options and I immediately made the order after that.

Url to the T shirt : Ideas Are Bulletproof

However there was one little problem about the package they had sent. I found it really funny and decided to write this post. Following are the three images that would make everything clear.

1. The Invoice on the package – having the print invoice url


2. The invoice zoomed

3. Information disclosure  – Admin Login Page :D


Apart from this two things I would like to add.

1. I by no means wish to defame bewakoof inc. In fact, I think they are doing a really cool job and i made this post after I informed this to the company. :)
2. Their T shirts are awesome. #Recommended


by Adwiteeya Agrawal


So, what do you think ?