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Too many sites – Problem Solved

Ohkay, so this is the first post on my blog.
I wish to first discuss what do i post and where do i post it.
Firstly i started a free 100mb website with the sites.google, it even turns up as the first result on google for keyword adwiteeya as on 29-04-2012. However, i am pretty sure that is going to change. I started this website so that i could post articles…wait no..only tutorials related to hacking. However sites.google.com/site/adwiteeyaagrawal had many problems, it was limited in many ways. So i definitely had to move ahead of the free 100mb.

The next site that i had build was weblare.com, i am a linux hosting reseller so weblare entails only that.

The next place where i started posting about ethical hacking was www.hgunified.com. HGunified.com meant hackers gamers unified, i and my friend mohit bhatia started this website on a 50% share. However we never had extra ordinary number of viewers. Also i started to realize that there are enough text tutorials on the internet so i shall make video tutorials and hence www.youtube.com/hgunified  was born.

We did pretty well there. We are still doing, however a youtube channel is always incomplete without a website hence we would neva shutdown www.hgunified.com, it also has some sentiments attached.

Then now finally i have the adwiteeya.com. Actually i had a deal with myself. The deal was that untill and unless i payback dad for the unlimited reseller i bought i am not going to buy adwiteeya.com….hence the delay.
Now adwiteeya.com has majorly three parts.
adwiteeya.com – The parent site that has the links to my blog, my forum and weblare offcourse. It’ll be like the one professional email id that everyone keeps.

adwiteeya.com/blog – This is the place i would post about hacking, college, my life and general other things that happen.
however this is different from the forum that i will maintain in two ways i am going to post about what i did here but how i did it and the allied discussion would only be there on the forum.
And lastly

adwiteeya.com/board – this is the discussion board the place where i would discuss about information security, linux, hosting, android and stuff that most probably btech wouldnt let me study.

Apart from adwiteeya.com i also have the dino.ascentorz.com this is a personal blog, only my friends here would understand the posts that i make…
So no more confusions now. I know what to post where :P

by Adwiteeya Agrawal


  • Reply kritika |

    The ever famous dilemma, what to post where……now that you have got it SOLVED….i wish you the very best of luck so that all 4/5/6 of your sites do extremely well!! :D :)

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