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College Assignments – Jugaad

Hello reader!
All right a quick introduction about this blog post. Just as any/every engineering students the word “assignments” terrifies me. I mean everybody knows we copy! But then, our profs are smart! They(specific profs) now ask us to write the entire thing(the assignment) rather than taking a print out! :( And for instance we had a subject like compiler, where we had to copy codes as long as 200+ lines in our handwriting. I don’t get the point, seriously!! So, I decided to have a little fun. 3:D (*EVIL SMILEY*).

All right so the solution that I came up with; was developing a font, with which I can exactly replicate my handwriting and can simply convert the code by selecting that font. :)

fontsThe above pic is a sample conversion. The results are super awesome believe me. This picture is a screen shot of the very first attempt that i made, the first line is written in Calibri and the second in “JUGAAD”  and with a little rework one can do wonders.  Especially, for a subject like compiler where you had to write “code” in your handwriting this is extremely full proof! ;)

Now comes the main question!! How! You’d probably already know it and if you don’t, believe me its very VERY easy!.

Step1. Download a template file from www.paintfont.com by clicking on “create template”. Basically this template contains small boxes with characters printed inside them in light gray color. The characters you want to create are already selected if you want anymore characters you can add those as well!

Step2. Take a print out of the template and fill the template. Take a bold marker and overwrite the light gray characters.

Step3. Now scan the two files. For instance here are the files I created.
FILE 1: ab




Step 4 : Now you need to upload these files at http://www.paintfont.com/#tabUpload, select OTF format and click on “Send File”.

Step 5 : The font is ready and you get a screen like : font generated

Step 6: Now just download the myfont.otf and on the downloaded file, right click > install. You can now go to your favorite editor and type in your handwriting! :)

by Adwiteeya Agrawal


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