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The Asterisk Project.

Hi reader,

I am not sure if you stumbled upon this post from the archive or reached here by a search. But I am going to be verbose anyways :D

Asterisk is an open source PBX. Well i would say its too less to call it as just a PBX. It has immense potential it can do things so easily and so correctly that it is actually an unparalleled solution for PBXs. Ohkay if you are wondering what a PBX is it is those system you see in offices, where the receptionist dials one and the call is transferred to another guy. So why am I playing around with this thing… ? Well there is this one very annoying thing, rather a concept called as the “5th semeseter Project”. Exactly thats why.! :

Now for the project I could have joined some course and could have easily got a project from that institution…. But I did not like that…I did not want that… I had to go for a training in hacking and so I went for ECSA (EC COUNCIL Certified Security Analyst). Well, now I had to make a project that was related to my training and hence hacking… Shit! You give me a server and ask me to do a penetration testing I would do that…but writing a PROJECT… it seemed like the world is ending. :D

But then there was this awesome friend of mine. Mr. Vipul Bhojwani who asked me if i had an IVR solution. I did not know what that was… so I googled. Interactive Voice Respone….no i did not have a solution for that. So I asked him what does he wish to do.. He said he wants to set it up on gmail! Fuck. Wont that be awesome if someone calls you on gmail and you have an IVR set up there… yes it would be!!

I wanted that…. i started this from the scratch… and after 1 hour of googling i realized that this was possible only if i had a google voice number(which turns out to be incorrect)… which obviously i couldnt as I am in India. But every time i searched IVR on google there were results that let me to asterisk.org. I was curious that maybe somehow i can atleast complete it till the point i am not asked for a google voice number. So i downloaded asterisk. :D
And successfully configured it. Now the very next day i had a class on VOIP penetration testing at my training so I should my trainer what i had set up…. That is i should him how i could make free VOIP calls within the subnet. So he told me to intercept the call. WHAT!!!

yes he told me to capture what to guys were talking ….something like phone tapping . So i did that ..infact was a piece of cake …and here was my project born. :)
So I am making a project now on different vulnerabilites of a PBX system and the associated protocols and offcourse the ways to fix those issues. I am writing in the first person…i think that is the correct way… and i am being reaallllyyyy verbose… who so ever gets the project will be able to make such a system. I hope things work fine… I am doing a lot of reading for this… Getting to learn about new protocols day by day…

by Adwiteeya Agrawal


  • Reply kritika |

    arey wah!! all the best! uhmmm….since u r planning on being VERBOSE i think i shud tell you………rather i knw u already knw it bt just confirming…….u were NOT verbose in this post :( i know i am a layman and i did understand the basic layout of what u said here…..bt somethings…like IVR and VOIP……..sorry bt went over the head! :(

    all in all looks like a soooper interesting project! :D

    • Reply Adwiteeya Agrawal |

      Hahaha.. :)

      Kritika IVR is the kinda system you have at vodafone…when you call they ask you different options and as per the options you press the number. :)
      And VOIP is voice over internet protocol… in the shortest form voice communication using internet. :)

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